Ataxia and Me Blog Template.

If you would like to submit images then please do, we would love to include them. Pictures could be of you, your family, or something relevant to the story you are telling. You are under no obligation to include images so please don’t feel pressured to submit them if you do not feel comfortable.

Please try to avoid things like:

  • Politics
  • Religious views.
  • Profanity
  • Medical advice (please only include personal experience).

The Template:

  • Title:
      • Feel free to come up with your own title. It can simply be your name or something more that describes you and your story. Remember this is YOUR story, so make it as personal as you would like
      • Here are some examples:
        • Emily’s 427 Mile Trike Ride with Ataxia
        • More Than What’s on the Surface
        • Journey to Diagnosis
  • Introduction:
      • The introduction is the perfect place to introduce yourself to help the readers get to know you. You could include things like:
        • Your name
        • Your age
        • Your hobbies
        • Your diagnosis
        • Your occupation
      • It is entirely up to you what you include, do whatever you feel comfortable with.
      • Here is an example:
        • Hello, My name is …………………, I am ………………… years old and I have been diagnosed with………………. . I thoroughly enjoy……….. And ……….. And have a family of ………………………
      • Remember, it doesn’t need to fit within that example, but its there if you are struggling with what to write!
  • Main Body:
      • This can be as long or as short as you want, we have a variety of lengths already on the stories page. You may find that as you write, you just keep going!
      • The main body is where you go into depth about your story. 
      • Pick something about your diagnosis, something you have struggled with, treatment (although not giving medical advice, just your personal experience with it), something you have overcome etc. Write about it in your own words.
      • It doesn’t have to be one of those topics but they are just some examples to get you thinking
      • Feel free to advertise any social media platforms, websites, charities, or work that you do and link it. We want to help you spread awareness and inform people of your work!
  • Conclusion:
    • This is where we sum it up for you. Pop your name into the existing sentence below to sum up your story.
    • “We would love to thank (INSERT NAME) for sharing their inspirational story with us. If you would like to keep up to date with them and their journey, please give them a follow at (INSERT SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES OR WEBSITES IF YOU WANT US TO SHARE THEM).
    • Please do not feel obliged to share your social media platforms if you do not want to, we understand they can be very personal!
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