Upcoming events

All upcoming events, awareness weeks and charity days that are upcoming for both Ataxia and other rare diseases.

Events calendar

Month-by-Month event breakdown

  •  18th – 24th: World anti-microbial awareness week
  • 20th: World Children’s day
  • 23rd: Carers Rights Day
  • 27th: The London Rare Disease Showcase
  • 28th: Research seminar
  • 3rd: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • 3rd: Superhero Tri Winter wonder wheels.
  • 4th: National Ataxia Foundation. Ataxia Resources and Discussion Group meeting. Zoom.
  • 6th: Wales Gene Park – Virtual Genetics & Genomics for the 3rd Generation (3G) Conference via zoom.
  • 8th: National Ataxia Foundation Global Support Group Virtual Meeting.
  • 8th: Patient Solidarity Day.
  • 12th: National Ataxia Foundation. Research and Treatment Development for SCA27B webinar.
  • 14th: Wales Gene Park Christmas Virtual Public Genomics Cafe. Zoom
  • 15th: National Ataxia Foundation. Science Showcase webinar
  • 29th: National Ataxia Foundation Global Support Virtual group meeting.

10th: Ask the Ataxia Expert virtual webinar.

12th: All about Episodic Ataxia virtual webinar

  • 12th – 18th: You Can Care week.
  • 21st: The Unusual Suspect: Rare Diseases in everyday Medicine.
  • 29th: Rare Disease Day.
  • 16th: Disabled Access day
  • 21st March: World Down Syndrome Day

2nd: World Autism Day.

13th: Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day.

16th: Global Accessibility day.

13th-16th: Action Medical Research London to Paris cycle.

No events as of yet.

No events as of yet.

23rd: International Day of Sign Language.

25th: International Ataxia Awareness Day.

6th: World Cerebral Palsy Day

20th: International Children’s Day.

No events as of yet.

If anyone has any event's they would like advertised or any suggestions for upcoming events contact us:

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